Forté and Roe

ill Roe is a native Missourian and the
oldest of five musical brothers. Bill started
piano training under the tutelage of his
father at age seven. At age twelve, Bill
started classical training on doublebass,
and continued in the school orchestra into
high school. While in high school, he
developed an interest in popular music
and started playing electric bass.

 After graduating from high school he
went on the road with a regional rock band.
After five years of performing, he settled
down, got married, and raised five children.

While the children were young, he stopped
performing in public, just playing music
around the house for his family.

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Forté and Roe: Live! at the Missouri Theatre

Forté and Roe

ince moving to Columbia in
1993, he has reentered the music
scene. Since that time, he has
played big band, soul, rhythm and
blues, jazz, and folk, often providing
colorful and passionate bass solos.
He is also a staff musician at
Christian Fellowship Church,
believing in giving honor to the One
who is responsible for all talent.

ill also designs and builds his
own basses and speaker cabinets.
He is an ‘in demand' studio bassist
and also one of the founding
members of the Jazreplab (Jazz
Repertory Laboratory).

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